The base block


a basic element of the entire block collection. It has a rectangular shape, 32 cm long, 16 cm wide and 14 cm high. The top of the block was equipped with eight pins (tabs) solidly bolted. The whole element is made of the best quality wood. The surface of the block is smooth, natural wood. All edges have been slightly smoothed, which increases the safety of usage. The base block is in the natural color of the wood - it allows the buyer to decide what color to have (and painting or securing the wooden element itself can be a great fun)

The ½-piece brick


it has the shape of a cuboids with a length of 16 cm, width 16 cm and height 14 cm. The element is an important supplement to the base block - in the case of building walls, there is always a shift of blocks to the previous layer, which makes it necessary to fill the gap from the edge in every second row - we use ½-piece blocks. The ½-piece can be the basis for all vertical elements – side of the gates, legs from tables, columns at stands or gazebos, delicate sides of shelves or desks.

Slanted block


one side of it has the shape of a rectangular trapezoid. It allows fancy finishing of the objects - instead of a straight or stepped edge, we have the possibility to obtain a bevel effect at an angle of about 48 degrees. This allows you to a completely new forms for your buildings - bevels as buttress walls in locks, geometric elements as walls (for example slanted window openings) ), finishing the frames of beds, desks, garden houses, both at the entire height of the wall and at its crown.

Finishing plate


element covering the pins (tabs) from the top of the block. Thanks to it, we get a flat, elegantly finished surface. The element is used in the finishing of the upper part of the walls, but also during the building of furniture made of blocks - after building the appropriate shape, for example, a garden sofa, the seat and sides finish with roofs, giving a smooth, modern surface of the furniture. All you have to do is throw the cushions on the seat and we have not only a stylish but also a comfortable seat. And if more guests come we can remodel them by adding a few blocks and we have a longer version of the same functional piece of furniture.