RKBlocks - About Product

RK Blocks are the realisation of a childhood dreams of moving into a new dimension, where the blocks are a part of reality. Modular building system based on big wood blocks allows the construct all types of buildings. Building itself is easy, quick and let you create objects of almost every shape and size.


Endless possibilities

The ways to use bricks are endless – imagination gives us countless new designs. The best in the entire game is that the structures of our bricks can be rebuilded, expanded, undressed and put on in the whole new way – it’s like never ending fun. Do you want to move your building somewhere else? It ‘s not a problem with RK Blocks – all you have to do is to take a picture of your finished construction then dismantle it, conveniently transport elements and rebuild it elsewhere.


Using wood - a natural material makes RK Blocks neutral to the environment and at the same time they are light, warm and pleasant to the touch.

RK Blocks are made of high quality wood. Their sides are combined together by dovetail which allows to achieve the highest durability of construction. The upper part of the block on which the tabs are mounted, is additionally enhanced.




Natural wood colour is a part of the currently trend, standing as a natural part of your home or garden.

But if you want colourful blocks you can just paint them using mordant or varnish, if you prefer high polish on the wood. Painting itself is very easy because blocks have a small surface and simple shape. Choosing colours and painting is just an additional element of fun.


What can you build with RK Blocks?

Well, the answer is simple. Just everything you want! Start with simple designs:

  • build a partition wall and you already have a work area
  • maybe an island in the middle of the kitchen? See if it this will work in your kitchen
  • bar in the garden that will improve your weekend BBQ
  • bed frame for guests? Just put the mattress and now the guest room is fully functional. It’s the end of sleeping on the floor
  • house in the garden for kids? Maybe a shed for tools or garden equipment? Or a summer office for you?
  • a sandbox for kids?
  • a doghouse
  • a fence

As soon as you start building, your ideas will start to multiply – structures will be formed, and they will inspire you to rebuild them into new shape.

Blocks not only for children

Maybe you like challenges? Try openwork design gazebo or castles for fun.

If you run company you can use RK Blocks to build the stands at exhibitions or shows and set a counters, walls with shelves, tables and chairs for customers – in different sizes and shapes.

An office is also a great place to apply the structure with blocks. Using them you can freely divide an open space to comfortable single rooms for work, rebuilding them as you need.

At home we sometimes plan to rebuild and change the functions of the rooms for example we want to part out the work space or an extra room for your child. In this case you can also use blocks and building partitions walls is a pure pleasure. It’s easy to stand a wall and you don’t need to clean debris and dust after walling, plaster splashing and spreading all of this on your working footwear. You can quickly set an ecologic, elegant and strong wall and if you change your mind after some time, you can just dismantle it.