About Us

We always loved playing with bricks – we have been building houses, castles, walls and imagining fairytale stories. As adults we had built many incredible brick constructions with our children and we had such a fun time as if we were kids.


Then the biggest challenge has come – building our own family house which, showed us how limiting it is to design a permanent structure and how hard it is to compromise when every member of the family has different ideas and advice.

We started to dream about creating real size constructions the same creative way as buildings with blocks – to build, check whether we like it, leave it for some time or rebuild – with no limits, no dirt, no noise and no waste of materials.


Our new idea of multifunctional, big and module bricks appeared about 2 years ago – we wanted to check if we will be able to have the same fun as we were while playing with blocks in our childhood. Prototypes were made and we have tested them in our homes, gardens and companies improving the dimensions and realization of the product.

At the end of this road RK Block bricks were formed: designed to give you plenty of children’ joy in creating large objects; so solid that you can step on them, sit or put something on them; to be used in constructions not only in houses or flats but also outdoor – in the gardens or playgrounds.


While creating our bricks we thought about the colour range but at the same time we did not want to limit your imagination - so now you can paint them any colour (colours), you can add personal captions, graphics or even signatures of the object’s builder. You can do whatever you want – full flexibility guarantees unlimited fun even while painting. Maybe you will want to have stripes, checker or dots on your element? Or maybe you want some other patterns? Do not hesitate! Use fantasy and no one will have blocks as you do.

Our blocks are made of several types of elements and accessories – canopes, doors, shelves and tops. Just everything you need to pursue your dream space.

Our goal is to give you a great playtime with RK Blocks. So if you think that the range of shapes of blocks should be extended by any item – e-mail us. Usually suggestions of customers are the best starting point of extending the range.

Do you already feel like you want to start building?

Check tabs About Product and Blocks to find out from what your own designs will be created.